Existing Conditions-Platting 2007


The following information is provided to support an understanding of the property platting as it is today.

 The current owner intends to keep this platting until an agreement for use has been determined or financing terms dictate a change.  We feel the most alternatives exist without changing the platting before a use is defined  and a plan for relocating the city lots that reside under the buildings has been completed. 

Studies are underway for topographical surveying, floodplain and geo-technical assessments of the property to support the decisions on lot relocation.  Analysis of the best primary and secondary access to the rear of the property will be determined and affect the terms of a purchase agreement.

Tract 7 of the legal description requires a correction in the boundaries defined as the original intent was for the square acre to be contiguous to Tracts 5 and 2


The following pages describe the tracts involved in this property.

Title Description Page One

Title Description Page Two

Title Description Page Three

Title Description Page Four




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